My boyfriend has a problem with premature ejaculation
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"Hi, thanks guys. This is awesome!"
Shawn, 26





"Your scale system is awesome! I know what level I'm at and how to lower my excitement by just using your tricks. My wife loves your guide too as it is so personal and at a level where the both of us can understand. thanks again"
Jack T. 44 yrs




"You are hilarious! Your guide made me laugh and I finally saw the point you are trying to make. It is amazing and I keep thinking, why I didn't think of this myself. My girlfriend is standing next to me and she says thanks for helping us out."
Brian and Kelly



"Thanks for the help. I never knew it was so easy for me to fix it! Thanks again!"
David 51 yr



How to make your man last longer in bed

A Woman's Guide to Premature Ejaculation and the
Effect on Your Relationship

Hello, I'm glad you are here as I will explain and show you proven new methods how YOU can help your man to treat and stop Premature Ejaculation and make him last for as long as you want - for good.

Using the Swedish Tiger Guide you will learn exactly what YOU need to do in order to stop your man's premature ejaculation problems for good. That's right - for good! Let me explain how.

#1 Premature Ejaculation Guide in Europe!

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"The Swedish Tiger Guide to treat premature ejaculation is an innovative approach ahead of its time.”

“Well renowned author, Thomas Westling of 'The Swedish Tiger', has done a tremendous job discovering an effective solution to premature ejaculation."

My qualifications for treating premature ejaculation so you can last longer in bed:

My name is Thomas and I'm from Stockholm, Sweden. I'm the Founder of and the author of "The Swedish Tiger Guide". Since 2001 I have researched premature ejaculation and to date I have successfully treated over 8,465+ men teaching them how to stop premature ejaculation. Men have consistently turned to me when they wanted dramatic results that actually worked.

"The Swedish Tiger Guide" is the biggest
break-through when treating premature ejaculation.

I have encountered first hand the emotional and physical strain that premature ejaculation (PE) can have on individuals and relationships. The issue of premature ejaculation can lead to a break down in communication between you and your man and an inability to function in a proactive and constructive way. There are so many elements that accompany premature ejaculation that many individuals and couples fail to identify with the root of the problem and therefore unknowingly escalate the issue to a state where they feel nothing can be done. Fortunately, that isn't the case and proven techniques and training have been developed to surpass such a circumstance.

First and foremost, it is important to inform yourself about premature ejaculation before approaching the subject with your boyfriend. It is important for you as a woman to know that premature ejaculation is something that is natural and can be overcome with the right techniques. As outlined in The Swedish Tiger Guide, it takes only a small commitment and openness to tried and tested techniques for your man to overcome premature ejaculation. If you are educated about this before even approaching your partner, when you do he will view this as you offering your support and encouragement in a non-defensive way.

You are part of the problem why he can't last longer in bed.

You need to learn how to help him!

Testimonials from happy customers

"hey to start off with i would like to ask, how didi you do this, its actually
crazy. i diddnt really suffer from premature ejaculation and am pretty experienced with sex but i bought your book to see if i could last longer and today i had sex for over an hour and i was going hard!! i mean im real fit but talk about sweat!

my girlfriend screamed with pleasure for the hole time apart from position changes where she was moaning and panting. i just want to say thak you so much and im sure if she knew then she would want to as well.

you are amazing!!"
Ben, January 12, 2010

Also, it is critical that you as a woman don't blame yourself as it is in no way your fault. If you bring blame, self-doubt and negativity to the table than this can further bring tension and upset between you and your man. Premature ejaculation does not happen because of something wrong with you or something you did wrong. Rather, premature ejaculation is a result of a combination of numerous issues that are hardwired in your partner. I like to explain it as though your partner was a computer with his wires crossed and it is as simple as uncrossing the wires to get your sex life back on track. Rest assured, it is something that can be overcome and there is nothing inadequate about you or your sexuality, all you need to find is just a little maintenance.

What many individuals need to further acknowledge is that premature ejaculation can be overcome but not without a constant and non-critical line of communication being present. For many men, their feelings of inadequacy are escalated with even the mention of their ‘problem'. As a woman, it is important to be keenly aware that what your man needs is affirmation in his ability as a boyfriend and a lover. More simply speaking, he needs to know that he is still as sexy to you as ever and that you don't think any less of him but rather want him to feel as good about your sexual relationship as you know he can. The way in which I believe is the most constructive way to approach premature ejaculation is to think of it as being an obstacle which you as a couple are able to overcome. By sharing the belief that you are approaching the subject together, it makes it easier to reveal and overcome any built up feelings or questions which either of you may have.

Using the WRONG techniques to help him can be
extremely destructive for your relationship.

Don't let premature ejaculation destroy your sex life.

Being open and non-defensive about the topic will offer a platform for open communication between the two of you. However, it is important for you to acknowledge that it is also completely natural for your partner to get defensive and sad when discussing with you, especially if sex isn't a normal topic of your conversation. Even if you approach the subject in a constructive manner, your partner may not be as receptive as you hoped but at least you are showing that you are willing to discuss it with him. Further, it is crucially important to keep the subject and communication only between the two of you. Bringing other individuals who are not professionals into your personal life is incredibly destructive and in no way positive to either of you. Your private matters are exactly that, PRIVATE!

As a final measure, using a guide to help you through this is of the upmost benefit to both of you. Using a reference such as The Swedish Tiger Guide will offer you an abundance of knowledge and advice into combating the issue. It is important to have tools and options to explore what is the best course of treatment. Trust me when I say that both you and your partner will benefit from this advice.

The Swedish Tiger Guide works. It works really well.

Testimonials from happy customers

"Dear Thomas,
My husband suffers from premature ejaculation and it is devastating for me as woman. I love him so much but I need to have a healthy sex life.

In fact, I need a great sex life but he has never been able to please me. I knew I couldn't accept this type of life and because he refused to talk to me about it. Anyway I bought your book and gave it to him as a last chance. That was the best thing I have ever done so I wanted to say thank you!

It wasn't long after we got a fabulous new, healthy sex life. I couldn't believe the improvements he had made over just a few weeks! Since then I have had my first orgasm with him (I’m blushing as I write this). The boost to his self-esteem has been unbelievable.

So thank you Thomas as I was very sceptical to your book so please use this on your site so other women and men can have the same great experience we have had."

Rhonda, September 23, 2009

What you get:

My book is very different from everyone else’s because I talk about how to actually stop premature ejaculation. All the other books and programs out there talk about techniques, secret methods and herbal remedies and so forth. No one talks about how to actually stop premature ejaculation. I do.

I will show you exactly what you need to do, how you and your man will feel and what you should expect. I also talk about the little details that most people don't know about and how to fix them. I have gone through this before and know first hand what you need to do. For example he will learn exactly to do when he is inside your vagina.

You will learn how to make your man last longer in bed for as long as you want. Using a combination of my methods I promise you, his premature ejaculation problems will disappear. It's easy to stop once you know the secrets to it. That’s what you will get and I personally guarantee dramatic improvements in your sex life or your money back!

Learn how to make your man last longer in bed
for as long as you want.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email me. I'm here to help.

Discover the Benefits of a New Proven Secret you can use
Fast, Comfortably
and Easy!

What you get:

A Step-by-Step Guide that is instantly sent via a download link after your purchase.
You will see the first results after about 1-2 weeks. The Guide has very easy parts that you can easily read and follow the program. It includes all of the following as listed below and more!

- Learn how to control his penis & ejaculation for as long as you/he wants.
- Hands-on techniques. For example: what to do when he is inside your vagina.
- Power Healing techniques - He will have the "I can do it" feeling
- You will notice bigger and harder erections.
- Improved and increased stamina.
- Simple day to day lessons that last forever!
- Special illustrated sex positions that helps him last longer and gives you pleasure!
- No surgery needed. No pills or drugs!
- No embarrassing appointments with your doctor!
- You can do it for FREE - No extra purchases!
- GUARANTEED TO TREAT Premature ejaculation or your money back!
- Bonus! Quick fixes, tips and tricks that I still use today.
- FREE life time support. Got a question? Just ask me and I'll help you.

All orders are handled CONFIDENTIAL and DISCREETLY and your receipt will say "".

othing will ever be sent to your home. No one will ever know what you bought. Guaranteed to cure premature ejaculation for good!

I am so confident in my program that I am giving you a risk free
60 day money back guarantee
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